GENETWORx is the
COVID-19 Testing
Partner For Schools

Since March 2020, GENETWORx has been a nationwide leader of COVID testing, processing over 5 million tests.

The GENETWORx team has partnered with K-12 and higher education institutions across the country to develop effective coronavirus testing plans and provide frequent, accurate COVID-19 diagnostic testing.

GENETWORx is the Gold Standard

implementing a testing
plan is as easy as 1-2-3.

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With GENETWORx, implementing a testing plan is as easy as 1-2-3.

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GENETWORx can fulfill all your COVID- 19 testing needs – Molecular PCR tests, Antigen tests and Antibody tests – satisfying your school administration, faculty, staff, students and school families.


GENETWORx will partner with you on a plan for symptomatic testing, response testing and asymptomatic testing, each performed at a cadence of your choice.


GENETWORx uses a highly efficient pooling approach that will SAVE YOU MONEY AND MONEY without sacrificing accuracy or response time.


GENETWORx results are delivered within 24 hours of receipt by our lab through Aura, and easy to use, secure app.

With guaranteed test kit volumes, quick turnaround times, and accurate results you’ll be creating a safe, comfortable environment for your faculty, staff, students and their families. Perfect for all age levels and schools, including elementary, middle, junior high and high schools.

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