Understanding Pool Testing

“Pooled” or “pooling” COVID-19 testing is the encouraged way for testing a group of individuals for the coronavirus.  Essentially, a group of pooled samples are combined into one sample to run a single diagnostic test.

What are the benefits of Pooled COVID-19 Testing?

While it may seem counter-intuitive to combine multiple samples into one, pooled sample testing actually allows for a speedy, cost-effective way for many schools to test students, teachers, faculty and staff without sacrificing accuracy.

What happens when there’s a positive?

GENETWORx takes two samples upon collection.  The first is pooled into a group and tested. When a pooled sample tests positive, the second samples collected from the group can be taken and run immediately to identify the positive within the group.

Why would you use pooling testing for COVID-19?

Conducting coronavirus testing for a large group, such as classrooms in an elementary, middle or high school, can be costly.  Most of the cost behind COVID-19 testing though is in the actual diagnostic testing.  By using the pooling test method from GENETWORx, schools save over 50% of their costs.  This allows schools to spend less time worrying about the health of their students and more time teaching.

For more information on our pooled COVID-19 testing technique or to find out how you can get pooling coronavirus testing in your school, please feel free to contact our representatives.

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