This summer there
is a new confidence
that camps can reopen.

This summer there is a new confidence that camps can reopen.

Last summer many camps were closed due to either state restrictions or concerns regarding COVID. The situation was devastating to the camp industry, with more than 80% of overnight camps closed for the season. This summer, camps have more confidence they can open safely because testing is much more readily available. Now more than ever families want to get their kids back to some sense of normalcy.

GENETWORx Offers a COVID-19 Testing Program that Gives Camp Directors, Their Staff and the Families They Serve the Confidence that Summer Fun is Possible Again.


It’s Simple

Your staff, counselors and campers will use gentle, easy to use nasal swab COVID tests. Testing can be done within a matter of seconds.


It’s Cost Effective

GENETWORx offers a pooling solution, which allows for collections to be processed together at the laboratory. This saves the camp substantial money, while not losing accuracy.


It’s Accurate and Timely

Our PCR COVID-19 tests are 99% accurate and results are provided in less than 24 hours from receipt at the lab via a digital management system, Aura.

While we’re slowly returning to a sense of normal, don’t let the fear of new strains or unexpected community spikes interfere with summer camp plans.

Summer camp is a critical opportunity for childhood development and every camp program should have a plan in place to protect its staff and campers from COVID-19.  Because children with the virus that causes COVID-19 can spread it to other children and adults, it is important to take measures to minimize the risk at camps.

implementing a testing
plan is as easy as 1-2-3.

Get Started

With GENETWORx, implementing a testing plan is as easy as 1-2-3.

Get Started

Open this Summer with a COVID-19 Testing Plan

With a comprehensive COVID-19 testing plan, you can put the staff and families attending your summer camp at ease.  GENETWORx will work with you on a test plan and can guarantee the supply of test kits you need. Results are delivered to your Camp Administrator using Aura software. With Aura, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Schedule testing
  • Sample tracking
  • View results dashboards
  • Conduct daily symptom tracking
  • Ensure the security of your data

Your camp can’t afford to let fears and anxiety around COVID-19 be the reason you don’t open this summer. GENETWORx provides competitive pricing, a project manager, and a laser focus on your success in re-opening your camp.

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