COVID-19 Testing Plans
Designed for Schools

COVID-19 Testing Plans Designed for Schools

Re-Open and Keep Open your School with a Comprehensive COVID-19 Testing Solution

The National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness recommends that regular COVID-19 testing is a “key component” of the national plan to safely reopen schools. With GENETWORx, your school will have a lab partner with expertise on conducting COVID-19 diagnostic tests for large volumes of students, faculty and staff swiftly and easily, and you will receive fast and 99% accurate results.

The current administration passed an Executive Order in January 2021 ‘Supporting the Reopening and Continuing Operations of Schools and Early Childhood Education Providers.’ This Executive Order comes with funding of at least $130 billion dedicated to this goal of re-opening schools with a comprehensive safety plan, inclusive of frequent COVID-19 testing for staff and students.

GENETWORx Designs Testing Programs To Fulfill All Your Needs

GENETWORx is Your School’s One-Stop Shop. GENETWORx offers one of the fastest results-reporting platforms, reporting 99% accurate results digitally within 24 hours.


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Pooled Testing Solutions


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implementing a testing
plan is as easy as 1-2-3.

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With GENETWORx, implementing a testing plan is as easy as 1-2-3.

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The GENETWORx Pooling Solution will Save you Time and Money without Sacrificing Accuracy

GENETWORx has designed an onsite pooling collection methodology that will allow for the testing of pools of your students, faculty and staff, with no sacrifice to accuracy. With this highly efficient testing solution, the cost of COVID-19 testing for your school is cut by over 50%, there is no loss of accuracy, and results are provided within 24 hours from receipt of the kits at the laboratory.
This is how it works:

2 anterior nasal swab diagnostic tests are used to collect samples from each student and staff at the time of testing

Collections from the same classroom will be processed together at the laboratory

If the pool comes back negative, the group of individuals can be confident they do not have COVID-19. If the pool comes back positive, the second sample collected for each individual in the pool can be processed right away, determining who is positive for COVID-19.

Results are provided via Aura within 24 hours of lab receipt

To meet your school’s needs, GENETWORx can offer pooling options of various sizes and surveillance pooling, need for a 2nd swab. GENETWORx will partner with you on a COVID testing plan that works for your school’s budget.

Aura Allows You to Manage Your Test Plan with Ease

Test planning, scheduling, collection and reporting is made easy and convenient for GENETWORx clients with the use of Aura, a comprehensive end-to-end digital management tool.  Aura allows for the capturing of students’ and/or parents’ consent, the tracking of daily symptoms, scheduling tests for your staff and students at various cadences and reporting on the testing status and results of each staff member and student in your school in an easily accessible dashboard, and more.

With Aura your school has the ability to establish a safe zone around your school with geo-fencing, allowing only COVID-19 negative people into the building.

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GENETWORx Offers Options for Accelerated Results

GENETWORx, based out of Virginia, is able to establish fully licensed, temporary laboratory testing sites in various states across the United States and is capable of establishing one for your school’s testing needs. A temporary testing site can accelerate the delivery of PCR results to about 12-hours while still offering 99% accuracy. This solution is best suited for large school districts in need of frequent testing and fast results.

Your school can’t afford to let fears and anxiety around COVID-19 be the reason students, faculty and staff don’t return to school. GENETWORx provides competitive pricing, a project manager, and a laser focus on your success in re-opening your K-12 school.

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